सुधारौं संविधान मस्यौदा

नागरिक दैनिक (१६ असार, २०७२) बाट

त्रासदीपूर्ण द्वन्द्वपछिको धुमिल संक्रमणकालपश्चात् मंसीर २०७० को निर्वाचनले नेपाली कांग्रेस र नेकपा (एमाले) लाई संविधान सभामा झन्डै दुईतिहाइ बहुमतसहितको शक्ति बनाउ”दा लागेको थियो अब त लोकतान्त्रिक, जनप्रेमी तथा सामाजिक न्यायमा आधारित संविधान आउने भयो। माओवादी अवसरवाद झेल्दै, पहाड–मधेस ध्रुवीकरणको प्रयास हुँदाहुँदै पनि एउटा संविधान सभाको अभ्यास रद्द हु”दा र . . . → Read More: सुधारौं संविधान मस्यौदा

Our worldly heritage

From The Kathmandu Post (19 June, 2015)

Kathmandu Valley represents one of the most culturally accomplished urban civilisations in the planet, and we need reminding of this at a time when the bahas have crumbled around us and the temples and chaityas are cracked. Unlike so many other great places, here, we have had continuity . . . → Read More: Our worldly heritage

Local or national government

From The Kathmandu Post (05 June, 2015)

Let us get to the bottom of why some favour cheating the citizenry of participatory local democracy

India’s Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not have to let go as prime minister in favour of a national unity government when an earthquake struck Gujarat in 2001. Begum Khaleda Zia did . . . → Read More: Local or national government

In Nepal, the politics of reconstruction

From The Hindu (05 June, 2015)

The destruction of the April 25 earthquake provided Nepali citizens with a respite from the presence of the topmost political party leaders in their lives. Having hogged the news for more than a decade through an incestuous cabal that bypassed parliamentary practice, the leaders did not have the credibility . . . → Read More: In Nepal, the politics of reconstruction

‘वर्गशत्रु’ भूकम्पका केही दृश्य

हिमाल खबरपत्रिका (१०-१६ जेठ, २०७२) बाट

भग्नावशेषबाट हामीले त्यसरी नै धूलो टकटक्याउँदै उठ्नुछ, जसरी हाम्रा पुर्खा उठेका थिए।

लाखौं डिजिटल तस्वीर तथा हजारौं भिडियोले २०७२ को महाभूकम्पलाई दस्तावेजीकरण गरेका छन्। पत्रिका, अखबार, अनलाइन पोर्टल तथा टेलिभिजनद्वारा तत्कालको व्यावसायिक प्रयोग भएको छ भने फेसबुक र ट्वीटर मार्फत पूरै नयाँ हिसाबले भूगर्भको यो प्रकोपको रेकर्डिङ भएको छ।

. . . → Read More: ‘वर्गशत्रु’ भूकम्पका केही दृश्य

Before & after 2072

From The Kathmandu Post (22 May, 2015)

If earthquake volunteers become ‘political’, the country may go somewhere

Historically, before the analogue era and the digital era, Nepalis mentally marked time in relation to before or after manmade or natural catastrophic events, such as the Kot Massacre, great floods, or great earthquakes. Just as the 1934 . . . → Read More: Before & after 2072

A class-conscious earthquake

From The Kathmandu Post (08 May, 2015)

State and society will come together for national reconstruction, others must support

Those who miraculously survived the fall from Dharahara tower on April 25 recall a stiff breeze at the top. My brother, hiking on Champadevi Hill to the south, felt the shaking earth and then his heart . . . → Read More: A class-conscious earthquake

नेपाल के शीर्षस्थों को चेतावनी की घंटी

From outlookhindi.com (02 May, 2015)

“नेपाल में क्षमता है कि वह दक्षिण एशिया के राष्ट्र-राज्यों के लिए एक उदाहरण बन सके। लेकिन यदि गहरे इतिहास को छोड़ दें तो आधुनिक युग में निरंतर राजनीतिक और प्राकृतिक दुर्घटनाओं ने नेपाल के लोगों के उत्साह और प्रयासों पर पानी फेरा है। इस साल 2015 में नेपाल का . . . → Read More: नेपाल के शीर्षस्थों को चेतावनी की घंटी

Alarms For The Sirsastas

From Outlookindia.com (01 May, 2015)

It will be good if Nepal’s lazy, grasping politicians wake up

Nepal has had the possibility of emerging as the exemplary nation-state of South Asia. But even if we set aside deep history, we see that in the modern era, relentless disasters—political and natural—have blocked the spirit and the efforts . . . → Read More: Alarms For The Sirsastas

Digging out of the rubble: National reconstruction in Nepal requires a constitution and local elections

From The Times of India (30 April, 2015)

Nepal was about getting ready for political normalisation and economic revival after two decades of conflict and political chaos when the Great Earthquake of 2015 struck.

There has been a diversion, with the focus now on the urgent task of rescue and recovery, targeted at the devastated . . . → Read More: Digging out of the rubble: National reconstruction in Nepal requires a constitution and local elections

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