Edge of the precipice

From The Kathmandu Post (28 August, 2015)

Emerging from the ongoing political polarisation requires picking up one of two options on federal demarcation

The Maoists conducted what they said was class warfare. While they were opportunistic to take such recourse in a democratic, parliamentary state barely five years after it was achieved, at least the . . . → Read More: Edge of the precipice

प्रान्त नं. २ कसरी कमजोर, किन र गर्ने के?

सेतोपाटी: नेपालको डिजिटल पत्रिका (भाद्र १, २०७२) बाट

संघीयताको अजेण्डा नेपालको संविधानलेखनमा छिरेको न माओवादी न जनजाति आन्दोलनको कारण हो। मधेश आन्दोलनको आवाज थियो, जसले संघीयतालाई अन्तरिम संविधानमा प्रवेश गरायो। यस माग पछाडि मधेशी जनताले खेप्नु परेको दोहोरो मार थियो; एक त ऐतिहासिक बहिष्करण, अर्को राज्यको अपनत्वबाट एकहात पर राखिएको अवस्था।

नेपाली समाज २०४६ को . . . → Read More: प्रान्त नं. २ कसरी कमजोर, किन र गर्ने के?

Feeling for Province Two

From The Kathmandu Post (14 August, 2015)

The primary concern with the proposed band-aid federalism is how it will hurt the poor of the Tarai-Madhes

Unexpectedly, the flashpoint of the federal agenda appeared not in the hotbed of identity-related tension elsewhere in the hills and the plains, but in the mid-western region which has been . . . → Read More: Feeling for Province Two

Our syndicate raj

From The Kathmandu Post (31 July, 2015)

The ills of governance result from the unaccountability in our electoral politics

Where else would you go westward 160 km on a winding hill highway in order to travel east, for four decades on end, and never think of the costs and consequences? Nepal, of course. This derives . . . → Read More: Our syndicate raj

व्यक्तिगत श्वेतपत्र

नागरिक दैनिक (१३ साउन, २०७२) बाट

स्थायित्व, समृद्धि र सामाजिक न्यायको लागि संविधान चाहिएको छ, तर संविधानको प्रारम्भिक मस्यौदा ‘भिजन’ विहीन र विरोधाभासपूर्ण छ— ‘सिन्डिकेट राजनीति’ ले निर्वाचित संविधान सभालाई आफ्नो हिसाबले चल्न नदिएको, निर्वाचनमा हारेका शक्तिको आडम्बर तथा विदेशी एजेन्टहरूले संविधान तयारीमा खेल्न ठाउँ पाएका कारण।

तर, यस नाजुक अवस्थामा संविधान यसै मस्यौदाबाट बनाउनुको . . . → Read More: व्यक्तिगत श्वेतपत्र

Dust to dust

From The Kathmandu Post (17 July, 2015)

The sense of smell is our partner through times of disaster and normalcy

It is the pungent, organic smell of family and clan history that hits the nostrils as one sifts through the earthquake rubble of old dwellings, whether in Bungamati, Chapagaun or the inner city of Bhaktapur. . . . → Read More: Dust to dust

A sub-optimal draft

From The Kathmandu Post (03 June, 2015)

The 601 CA members must arise to correct the draft constitution so that it reflects the values of the times

After nearly seven years of trying, through one and then a second constituent assembly, one would have expected a constitutional draft a bit more progressive, injected with Nepali . . . → Read More: A sub-optimal draft

सुधारौं संविधान मस्यौदा

नागरिक दैनिक (१६ असार, २०७२) बाट

त्रासदीपूर्ण द्वन्द्वपछिको धुमिल संक्रमणकालपश्चात् मंसीर २०७० को निर्वाचनले नेपाली कांग्रेस र नेकपा (एमाले) लाई संविधान सभामा झन्डै दुईतिहाइ बहुमतसहितको शक्ति बनाउ”दा लागेको थियो अब त लोकतान्त्रिक, जनप्रेमी तथा सामाजिक न्यायमा आधारित संविधान आउने भयो। माओवादी अवसरवाद झेल्दै, पहाड–मधेस ध्रुवीकरणको प्रयास हुँदाहुँदै पनि एउटा संविधान सभाको अभ्यास रद्द हु”दा र . . . → Read More: सुधारौं संविधान मस्यौदा

Our worldly heritage

From The Kathmandu Post (19 June, 2015)

Kathmandu Valley represents one of the most culturally accomplished urban civilisations in the planet, and we need reminding of this at a time when the bahas have crumbled around us and the temples and chaityas are cracked. Unlike so many other great places, here, we have had continuity . . . → Read More: Our worldly heritage

Local or national government

From The Kathmandu Post (05 June, 2015)

Let us get to the bottom of why some favour cheating the citizenry of participatory local democracy

India’s Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not have to let go as prime minister in favour of a national unity government when an earthquake struck Gujarat in 2001. Begum Khaleda Zia did . . . → Read More: Local or national government

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