Crafting a constitution for Nepal

From The Hindu (19 March, 2015)

In Nepal, there are hurdles to the constitution drafting that have to be resolved urgently if the radical leftists and the royalist right are not to blow away hard-won freedoms. As a player in Nepal politics, the best support India can provide is by staying outside the convention of . . . → Read More: Crafting a constitution for Nepal

सबके हक में नेपाल की स्थिरता

हिन्दुस्तान टाइम्सको हिन्दी संस्करण (१५ मार्च, २०१५) बाट

इस महीने की शुरुआत में नई दिल्ली की अपनी यात्रा के दौरान नेपाल के पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री और माओवादी विचारक बाबुराम भट्टराई ने भारत के सत्ता-वर्ग के आगे जो कुछ कहा,  उसे देख-सुनकर कोई भी अचरज में पड़ जाएगा कि यह ‘वैकल्पिक राजनीति’ के एक उपासक की अति-विवेकपूर्ण . . . → Read More: सबके हक में नेपाल की स्थिरता

He does protest too much

From The Kathmandu Post (13 March, 2015)

Baburam Bhattarai spent his time in New Delhi pooh-poohing the choice of Nepal’s electorate

One wonders whether it is ultra-sophisticated analysis by the votary of ‘alternative politics’ or the fatally flawed reasoning of a politician in decline that had former prime minister and Maoist ideologue Baburam Bhattarai making . . . → Read More: He does protest too much

A tribute to Bhagirath Bhaiya

From The Kathmandu Post (27 February, 2015)

The reconstruction of a 17th Century temple in Patan is more than an exercise in architectural preservation

In 1669, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ordered the destruction of the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Over across the expanse of the north Ganga plains, up in the Himalayan midhills, this act of desecration . . . → Read More: A tribute to Bhagirath Bhaiya

The Kathmandu essayist

From The Kathmandu Post (12 February, 2015)

Our reading culture cannot progress in the absence of Kamal Prakash Malla

The intellectual polymath Kamal Prakash Malla’s prodigious output of English essays in the 1960s through the 1980s constitutes a neglected national treasure. The professor’s oeuvre is there on the shelves for us to utilise to understand . . . → Read More: The Kathmandu essayist

By Nepalis, for Nepalis

From The Kathmandu Post (30 January, 2015)

The international community must pull back and let the political players arrive at a dignified conclusion

The past couple of weeks have witnessed unprecedented divergence between the Nepali state, as represented by the coalition partners Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML, and the international community, mainly the Western powers . . . → Read More: By Nepalis, for Nepalis

दोरम्बा काण्ड र माओवादी जवाफदेही

सेतोपाटी: नेपालको डिजिटल पत्रिका (०७ माघ, २०७१) बाट

आफ्नै कार्यकर्ता र समर्थकको प्रमाणित निर्मम सामूहिक हत्यामा न्यायको खोजी नगर्ने माओवादी नेतृत्वसामु जवाफदेहीको माग राख्नुपर्छ, किन सेनालाई उन्मुक्ति दिदैछ?

प्रसंग ३ माघको हो, जब मैले आफ्नो फेसबुक वालमा लेखेंः

“आज धेरै ‘अगुवा’ र अधिकारवालाहरु स्व. मुक्तिनाथ अधिकारीको स्मृतिसभा छाडेर हस्याङफस्याङ गर्दै कुपन्डोल पुगे पुष्पकमल दाहालको दर्शनका . . . → Read More: दोरम्बा काण्ड र माओवादी जवाफदेही

Je suis Gangamaya

From The Kathmandu Post (16 January, 2015)

You will write the constitution if you understand the needs of conflict victims and the Tarai’s poor

Things are coming to a head in the Constituent Assembly (CA) only days before the January 22 deadline, as it is finally allowed to discuss substantive matters after being waylaid all . . . → Read More: Je suis Gangamaya

संविधान लेखन: कति ‘गिभ्’, कति ‘टेक’

सेतोपाटी: नेपालको डिजिटल पत्रिका (२२ पुस, २०७१) बाट

८ माघको ‘डेडलाइन’ अब १७ दिन मात्र बाँकी रहँदा जनतामा ‘एक थान संविधान’ आइदिए हुन्थ्यो भन्ने छ भने करीब दुईतिहाइ बहुमतमा रहेका एमाले–कांग्रेस अहिले पनि ‘जाऊँ कि नजाऊँ’ को स्थितिमा छन्। ठूलै प्रयास गरेर गत १२ कात्तिकमा यी दुई दलले संविधानका ‘अन्तर्वस्तु’ बारे अवधारणा प्रस्तुत गरेका हुन्। . . . → Read More: संविधान लेखन: कति ‘गिभ्’, कति ‘टेक’

High-end Nepal

From The Kathmandu Post (02 January, 2015)

The focus must be on maximising value and distributing largesse on everything Nepal does

When I interviewed Sir Edmund Hillary in 1987, he made a striking comment, that “the impecunious, too, have a right to travel and enjoy the Himalaya .” I found myself unable to agree completely; . . . → Read More: High-end Nepal